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The updated 4040v4 features a flexible and supportive plate, and is now lighter than before. Low-cut metal cleat also has a REVlite midsole for responsive cushioning that won't hold you back. And mesh upper offers durability and breathability to help you compete inning after inning. 

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We worked a lot with Dustin Pedroia who we call our OG. He noticed as he was rotating that some front studs that turn inwards were getting caught on the diamond. We conducted a lot of research on why those studs were always rotated that way and found no good answer. So we turned them out more, creating a more circular pattern and they tested off the charts. They now all slice through the same way and really promote uninterrupted movement.”


“We went back and broke every part of the cleat down to its components, we asked ‘How will each section benefit the player wearing them and what are these guys asking for?’ They want it to be lightweight, durable, and comfortable. And they want it to look good, so those features were what we focused the most on.”


“The main story with the cleat is the two different densities on the bottom of the shoe. The same hard plastic that most cleats have surrounds the studs so that you don’t feel them, but then, as you get to the forefoot, you get to the ProMotion Zone. This area is much softer and provides a more natural bend — giving you incredible flexibility where it’s needed most.

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